Fencing Accessories


Bracing is attached for additional structural support against wind.

Used when mesh panels are covered in shade cloth or scrim for wind resistance.

Supplied free with all hoarding panels.

Hand Rails

Hand Rails can be fitted to the fence as an additional safety option to reduce trip hazard.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth can be attached to our mesh panel to provide a privacy screen or for dust control to minimise public liability.

We are also able to provide printed shade cloth with your company branding to highlight your event.

Available in an array of colours with 70% and 100% block out options available.


Gates are available in both pedestrian and full vehicle sizes.

Single or Double panel. 1 and 1.2 metre personnel and 2.5 and 5 metre vehicle access.

Pool Gates

Pool Gates are sturdily manufactured with a self-closing magna latch and are key lockable.

Hoarding Extensions

Hoarding extensions may be added to the top of water barriers to enclose areas and add additional privacy.
Total height including water barrier: 2.4m (H)

Fence Panel Dimensions

Height 1430mm
Width 1675mm

Mesh Extensions

Mesh extensions may be added to the top of water barriers to create extra height and security.


Height 1020mm
Width 1740mm

Extension Panels

Extension Panels extend the overall height of the mesh fence to 2.4 meters.

Dog Proofing

Dog Proofing helps prevent objects passing through the gap between the bottom of the fence by attaching to the fence panel.